Vietnam Wall.
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all the names & audio. The 58,196 names etched on the polished black granite of the Vietnam Memorial wall will be posted on the Internet together with the spoken memories of their families.

MACV - Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans.
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a program working with veterans who are experiencing homelessness in Minnesota. We are non-profit and work with the VA and State Veterans administration.

Vietnam Memorial - Washington D.C.
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VietNam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.

St. Croix Veterans Memorial
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Veterans Memorial located in St. Croix, Minnesota.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection
"Museum Resource Center which is responsible for housing and preserving the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection, composed of objects left at the Wall in Washington".
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Names on the Wall
This site has good search features for finding "Names on the Wall", for the National Monument in Washington D.C.
The VietNam Casualty Search Page

Sons & Daughters in Touch
"To locate, unite & provide support to Sons & Daughters & other family members of those who died or remain missing as a result of the Vietnam War. To promote healing via networking, special projects & awareness of the historical & emotional legacy of the war" .
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Vietnam Dog Handlers Association (VDHA)
Little recognition and credit has been given to the Dogs and their Handlers, that served in Vietnam. There are 10 names on the Minnesota Vietnam Memorial Wall that were Dog Handlers.
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Turtle Publishing
"Minnesota publisher of several Vietnam books. " .
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Asia Search Engine
"Search for information on Asia. " .
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